A Guide to Winter Squash

With so many varieties of squash it can be intimidating to know where to begin. But trust us you don’t want to miss out on utilizing these versatile, healthful and delicious starchy vegetables! We’ve broken down some of the most delicious and easiest to prepare squash so you can use this comforting ingredient with confidence this fall.

A) Butternut: probably the most well known of all of the winter squash, butternut offers the sweetest flavor. This squash is great for roasting, sautéing and pureeing into a creamy soup.

B) Acorn: Nutrient dense and sweet Acorn Squash is a culinary favorite. This squash has a sweet nutty flavor and is very versatile. It’s great for baking and roasting but one of the most popular ways to enjoy Acorn squash is cut in half baked and stuffed with savory combos like quinoa and goat cheese.

C) Kabocha: Also known as a Japanese pumpkin Kabocha offers a sweet flavor and velvety texture similar to a sweet potato. Kabocha is delicious pureed toasted or stuffed it is especially popular in soups. The skin is also edible.

D) Carnival: When cooked Carnival squash is tender and soft with a nutty, buttery flavor with a hint of maple syrup. Carnival squash is best suited for sautéing, boiling and roasting. It’s often used for decoration because of its beautiful skin but this squash brings more than its looks to the table its also delicious!

E) Delicata: As its name suggests Delicata has a delicate skin which makes it a breeze to prepare, it’s easy to chop and the skin is edible. Delicata offers a buttery creamy texture and sweet flavor. This squash is delicious simply roasted with a sprinkle of salt.