Tête de Moine

Known as monk’s head cheese, Tête de Moine is a semi hard unpasteurized cheese made from an 800 year old recipe. Matured for 2.5 months this cheese gets its strong unique flavor from the rich grass upon which the cattle feed.

Rather than cutting this cheese, it is shaved into very thin florets that allow the cheese’s fine consistency to shine through in all its melt in your mouth goodness. The girolle a cheese shaving device was invented just for using with Tête de Moine. As the cheese is shaved it reveals a bald spot on top not unlike the infamous monks haircut hence the name Monks Head Cheese.

While the scraping process is what makes this coveted cheese so delicious it can also make it high maintenance to enjoy if you don’t happen to own a girolle. But for the first time ever Tête de Moine is being offered pre shaved! Tête de Moine makes a show stopping addition to any cheese board and is delicious paired with fruit, cured meats or pickled vegetables.