Statement of Solidarity

We stand in solidarity against the systemic and institutional racism that plagues our city and our country. It is our collective responsibility to demand justice. At Ken’s Market and Marketime Foods we believe that this fight begins from within. We are dedicated to keeping our ears open and learning how we can do better. We strive to be a safe space for ALL of our employees, customers and community. We know that to make this a reality it takes more than words and good intentions. As a company we plan to evaluate our internal practices from the top down. Including hiring practices, policies and representation in our stores to eliminate implicit bias. We also believe that supporting our community through outreach is an integral part of this process.  We will partner with and support BIPOC organizations and businesses in their urgent and vital work. This is an open invitation to help us be better. We are here and ready to listen to constructive input. We believe BLACK LIVES MATTER.  

Steps We Are Taking:

-On June 12th We will be closing for the Black Lives Matter Seattle-King County Statewide Silent March and General Strike from 1-4pm to allow our employees to participate and as a show of respect and support. You can find out more about the march here.

-Continuing to support BIPOC organizations. Like our fundraising efforts for Seattle BIPOC Organic in our partnership with Jonathan Ragsdale and Janet Becerra.

-Standing in solidarity with anti-racist and social justice organizations, listening to what is needed, and advocating for Black communities.

-Upholding principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion in all our practices.