Charcuterie Board Tips & Tricks

Easy to make (no cooking involved!) and a crowd favorite the charcuterie board is the perfect show stopping appetizer. Loaded with a variety of cured meats, cheeses, nuts, fruits, crackers and spreads there is something for everyone. The lavish and over flowing charcuterie board can be intimidating to attempt but these tips, tricks and suggestions should make throwing an impressive board together a cinch.

  • Variety is key, look for items with different colors, textures and flavors.
  • When building your board start with the items in bowls and build around them.
  • Presenting cheese in varied ways adds interest i.e. cubes, slices and wedges.
  • Incorporate the 4 S’s. You want sweet, savory, salty and spicy flavors represented for a balanced board. for example: Sweet-Fruits & Spreads Savory-Cheeses & Meats SaltyCured Meats, Nuts & Crackers Spicy– 1 to 2 Items Spicy Salami, habanero cheese or Jalapeno spread

If you are looking for inspiration we have created a delicious board full of crowd pleasers that can be found at our markets.