Winter Citrus Guide

While oranges are available year round most citrus is at its peak during the cold winter months. Just in time to brighten up dreary days and pack in the vitamin C for cold and flu season.

Navel Oranges

The most common orange found in stores the navel is on the larger side with a thicker skin that makes it easier to peel.

Blood Oranges

Their most notable feature is their rich ruby red flesh. Of medium size the blood orange is the most aromatic in the orange family. They have a tart yet sweet flavor and are very juicy.

Satsuma Oranges

Smaller than your average orange with a looser skin that offer ease of peeling. These little guys have a sweeter flavor and less acidity. They are perfect for snacking and a great choice for kids.

Cara Cara Oranges

Not only offer a delicious complex flavor but also a striking appearance. With their luscious pink flesh and extra sweet almost berry like flavor it is easy to see why Cara Caras have rapidly gained in popularity.

Sumo Oranges

A cross between mandarin oranges and the navel orange Sumos are not the prettiest with their lumpy exterior. But beneath their misshapen skin lies sweet delicious fruit. known as a Sumo orange because of their Japanese origin, large size and top knot like bump on their head akin to the famous wrestlers. With a short lived season between mid January-end of March you’ll need to hurry and enjoy them while you can.