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We bring good things to the neighborhood

Ken's Market and Marketime Foods are part of your neighborhood. Independently owned and operated by a local family, we specialize in smiles and remembering your name. Our markets carry a good variety of quality products at fair prices. We mean it when we say “we want to be your store!”

When you need bacon and fresh OJ on a Sunday morning and you're still in your pajama pants, pop over, grab a cart, toss in what you need and checkout before your better half has even finished brewing the coffee!

We're not only a great little neighborhood market, we are your complete grocery store. We have terrific produce with lots of organic choices. Our meat section is stocked with fresh, quality cuts prepared by our own in-house butcher. We are known for our excellent selection of wine and beer. We feature a complete floral department with a fresh selection of gorgeous long lasting bouquets. We are focused on carrying local, organic and fair trade products whenever we can. On top of all that, you will love our deli & coffee shop!

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Game Day Guacamole


Yes folks, it's that time again! Pete and the boys are getting there game faces back on, and our cooks are up to their shoulder pads in beautiful, ripe, Hass avocados ~ Ah, Football season!

Come on in for some of the freshest, most delicious "guac" you've ever tasted. We will be making it throughout the weekend, but it's best to come get it Saturday or early Sunday, because when it's gone, it's gone or, feel free to call and pre-order. We'll hold it for you in our deli.

Please remember that, because of it's very perishable nature (no preservatives other than fresh squeezed lime), it's best enjoyed the day you purchase.

Go Hawks!! (OK, Huskies too )

Locally Made Cheese and Butter From Golden Glen Creamery

Locally Made Cheese and Butter From Golden Glen Creamery

Just northwest of Mt. Vernon WA, in the town of Bow, there exists a small, healthy herd of Holstein, Guernsey and Jersey cows that are the "ladies of Golden Glen Creamery." The milk given by these lovely ol' gals is what is used to create some of the most delicious cheeses and butters that you'll taste anywhere! If you want butter that is fresh and creamy, cheese that is aged to perfection and big on flavor, and knowing that you're "buying local," come on in to our stores and try some of their all-natural, farmstead products.

Of special interest is their line of Fromage Blancs - A soft, mild cheese often used in place of yogurt and cream cheese. Unlike yogurt, which requires heating to make, the fromage blanc is made at a low tempertaure, preserving the goodness of the milk. Unlike cream cheese, fromage blanc is non-fat and high protein yet still creamy and full of flavor. We are stocking a few flavors, but we do run a "tight inventory" of the fromage blancs in order to keep the product super fresh. Fortunately, the fine folks up the highway bring us a fresh supply on a regular basis, so keep an eye on the cheese case and you're sure to find something to entice you!

Aussie White Cheddar

Cheese Table Feature!

2-year-aged Parmigiano Reggiano
We purchase bulk 80 lb. wheels of this delicious and versatile cheese from Italy. Just a few fine shreds will add a rich, full flavor and touch of class to just about any dish you can think of! For a limited time, we are offering any size chunk you like, “fresh off the wheel”, for 16.99 lb. Enjoy!

Ellenos Greek Yogurt

Local Company Spotlight

ELLENOS GREEK YOGURT - Ken's Market and Marketime are proud to now offer a fantastic Greek yogurt from Ellenos, which is a local company that had a store in the Pike Place Market. They hand craft their yogurt in the heart of Seattle's Georgetown. The flavors in their yogurt are 100% natural fruits and toppings. They also try to use local products whenever possible. We could tell you it's great, but don't take our word for it. Here are a few comments from Ellenos fans on Facebook:

Lisa Gonsalves “This the best yogurt ever!!”

Kim Topp-Cowgill “This is the BEST !!! wish it was in a store near us.”

Deanna Hume-Cheatwood “Lemon curd is my favorite! I can't wait to grab some!!”

Tina Lewis-Cheplic “I LOVE Ellenos! !!!”

“ I cook with wine. Sometimes I even add it to the food.”
W.C. Fields

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Ad specials valid from 10/07/15 - 10/20/15

Ken's Market Soups

    (for Thu. 10/8)
  • Rustic Pumkin With Kale
  • Turkey Noodle
  • Rustic Potato
  • Cheedar Broccoli

Marketime Foods Soups

    (for Fri. 10/9)
  • Rustic Potato
  • Hearty Beef & Vegetable
  • Tom Kha Gai
  • Meaty Chili

Pumpkin Beer

Pumpkin Beer Time!

Quite possibly the best thing about the start of Fall is that it marks the beginning of the Pumpkin Beer season. Pumpkin beers have a rounder, fuller flavor conducive to the cooler Fall season. Some are spicy, such as Two Beers’ “Pumpkin Spice Ale”, some have a subtle pumpkin flavor and some have an over the top pumpkin flavor, such as Elysian’s “Night Owl”. These flavorful brews pair well with dishes of the season, such as turkey and stuffing, spicy foods like chili, or hot dogs or sausages loaded up with sauerkraut and stone ground mustard. They have such a unique flavor, they are also great on their own. Add these to the Oktoberfest style brews from Bridgeport, Hale’s Ales, and Pyramid (to name a few) and there’s almost too many to taste before the Winter Beers get here. Better hurry in and get started.

Brown Sugar Corned Beef

Quick Lunch on the Go!

Whether you're on your way to work and thinking ahead to lunchtime, or perhaps looking to swing in and get a quick bite to eat in the middle of a busy workday, our deli departments are there for you!

  • Large selection of "grab & go" deli sandwiches featuring Essential Bakery artisan breads made fresh each morning starting at 6:00 AM
  • Self serve soup bar with 3 or 4 different soups daily. Check the "Soups of the Day" chalkboard above for daily updates on what soups are available.
  • Healthy and delicious assorted salads, all made in house
  • Juicy, flavorful rotisserie chicken
  • Hot food bar with 6 - 8 freshly prepared hot dishes daily
  • "Prepared from scratch" microwaveable entrees and side dishes, just like you'd make at home!
  • And much, much more! Read more about each store's deli: Ken's Market Deli - Marketime Deli
Washington Produce

We Rock Washington Produce!

Ken's Market and Marketime Foods have always been enthusiastic supporters of locally grown produce, often sourcing directly from the growers. But then again, why wouldn't we? Because of Washington state's many different micro-climates, we are blessed with a truly exceptional, diverse variety of fresh fruit and vegetables being grown all around the state - and what's even better, a large percentage of it is being grown organically. Washington farmers got it going on!

Here's just a sampling of what you can expect to see as summer rolls on:

  • Fresh Raspberries and Blueberries
  • Pence Peaches (the best!)
  • Sweet corn
  • Yellow and Green Summer squash (in case your neighbor didn't give you 100 lbs of it!)
  • Walla Walla Sweet Onions
  • Hermiston Watermelons (from Oregon)
  • Fresh Basil and other fragrant herbs
  • Abundant, leafy lettuces and greens
  • Yakima Tomatoes (Yummm! You can't beat the flavor! You can bet we'll have some beauties)
  • Green Beans
Banh Mi Chicken Panini

Try Our New Bánh Mì Chicken Panini

(Greenwood only - coming soon to the brand new Marketime deli along with a whole new sandwich menu!)

Of all the dishes to result from the French influence on the Vietnamese culture, the Bánh Mì sandwich is one of the tastiest. The baguette and mayo may be borrowed from French cuisine, but the addition of jalapenos and cilantro makes this decidedly Vietnamese fare. Our version features an awesome marinated chicken we make in-house, along with our own pickled vegetables & garlic aioli, resulting in layer upon layer of yummy flavors! The early reviews have been fantastic (thank you), so we're going to try and step up our game and offer this one all the time!!